What We Do

For scholars:

Few scholars go into the academy in order to serve as cogs in large organizations or to interact with global multimedia corporations. Yet that is what you find yourselves spending large swaths of time doing while trying to teach effectively, publish often and brilliantly, and improve the state of the world from your academic posts. To be effective, you need both to understand the system and to effectively engage with it.

We have been on the other side, working for decades in scholarly publishing houses and academic administration. Rather than reinvent the wheel, we provide guidance from our storehouse of knowledge to help you understand and solve specific problems so you can focus on what matters most for your career. Whether it is negotiating the publishing landscape, improving (or just finishing) what you’re writing, or more effectively planning and managing academic programs, we’re here to help.

For academic organizations:

If you’re an academic organization, you also spin your wheels reinventing things that have been addressed before by many others. Our consultants can help you with publishing, marketing, administration, planning, and advising issues.

Call for Roadside Service! We can help.



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